ALLPACUNA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting integral and sustainable development, through programs and projects aimed at improving the quality of life of Peruvians, especially those who are in a vulnerable or at risk situation. Our ultimate goal is that the beneficiaries of our work can act as multipliers of the effect of this solidarity action, contributing in turn to the future well-being of their communities.

Likewise, we believe and want to give concrete testimony of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. And in the current economy, it is no longer just about creating employment and generating wealth and value. Today, business success also involves the development of the agents surrounding and participating in the Companies (workers, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the community in general). There is increasing awareness of the fundamental role of Corporate Social Responsibility, and they are expected to be concerned and committed to sustainable development and to improving the quality of life of the community, either directly or indirectly. 

In this sense, we responsibly assume our role as agent of change, and contribute to promoting sustainable development through the implementation of programs and projects that improve the quality of life of people, their families and their communities.

On the other hand, our intervention strategy is defined by targeting a geographic area with a comprehensive approach, maximizing the use of resources to obtain the greatest possible impact, guaranteeing the quality of our programs, projects and activities, and mobilizing volunteering. social and / or professional.


Finally, it is important to point out that “ALLPACUNA” is a Quechua word of origin that means “Our Earth”, and expresses our identity and sense of belonging with Peru, seeking to establish cooperation links from the United States and other countries with Peru, its people and their culture; at the same time to promote a solidarity action aimed at achieving sustainable development from and for the care of the Environment.