ALLPACUNA is the result of the initiative of a group of Peruvian professionals and businessmen, with a deep commitment to improve the quality of life of Peruvians and promote their integral development.

In our homes we receive an education that always emphasized the Love of Neighbor and the need to contribute to the Common Good. This was reinforced during our university studies, thanks to the training orientation provided by Roberto Armebianchi, based on a set of common convictions that have a solid foundation of social ethics.

Then, each one dedicated himself to his personal and professional activities, but keeping that service commitment latent: to concretize a business initiative that gave an initial support to a social and philanthropic enterprise. A few years later, Julio Castillo traveled to the United States, and formed the Megabusiness USA Company, with the collaboration of Juliana Hernández; and shortly after it promoted the creation of the Megabusiness Peru Company as a subsidiary of the previous one. And finally, with the collaboration of Enrique Chávarry and Roberto Armebianchi, the Company Megaoutsourcing S.A.C ..

In that context, in the year 2,008 ALLPACUNA – USA was constituted, and in the year 2,009 ALLPACUNA – PERU was constituted. In this way, this latent initiative has been carried out for years, and is a sign of the sense of Social Responsibility that should characterize all people, companies and communities.

Finally, it is important to point out that “ALLPACUNA” is a Quechua word of origin that means “Our Land”, and expresses our identity and sense of belonging with Peru, seeking to establish cooperation links from the United States and other countries with Peru, its people and its culture; at the same time to promote a solidarity action aimed at achieving sustainable development from and for the care of the Environment