“ALLPACUNA Days” Program (“ALLPACUNA Days” Program)

It groups different activities and specific events of a recreational-commemorative nature, such as: “Spread Joy in this Christmas”, “Fiestas Patrias Vivas”, “The Best Peruvian Peasant”, etc.); and through this, we seek to strengthen the sense of belonging to the community, demonstrating that with little we can achieve much, that being better every day is a possibility for everyone, and that solidarity has a multiplier effect on who gives it and on whom receive it

“Bridge to Peru” Program (“Bridge to Peru” Program)

It allows every generous citizen, company or solidarity association to transfer donations of various kinds from ALL United States to Peru (clothes in good condition, toys, books, office furniture, computers, building materials, equipment and machinery, equipment doctors, food, etc.), guaranteeing its adequate and timely distribution among institutions and communities in need, as well as the transparent verification of deliveries by administrative means.

Project “ALLPACUNA CCM – Multifunctional Community Centers (“ ALLPACUNA – Community Resource Center ”)

That it is in the initial phase of design for its subsequent implementation, conceived as a space for the development of various social, cultural, educational and productive activities, aimed at promoting the community. We started this large-scale effort with the “ALLPACUNA Italo Marallano Zambrano Multifunctional Community Center” located in Grocio Prado, Chincha; where training, information, assistance and advice will be provided to the different segments of the population (preferably young people and women), with the purpose of generating opportunities to improve the quality of life of people, their families and community. It is an integrated and multidisciplinary space that facilitates the access of the population of Grocio Prado to quality services in different sectors (health, education, training, production, etc.), and is an implementation of our intervention strategy aimed at achieving community empowerment in a sustainable development perspective.