– Service: We act motivated by a genuine vocation of service, which is extended to all our members, collaborators and beneficiaries.


– Solidarity: Expresses our permanent attitude to ensure that individual collaboration is part of a shared action for the benefit of all. Its multiplier effect guarantees the sustained growth of our social work.


– Respect: We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of our members, collaborators and beneficiaries.


– Justice: We seek that all people always receive equal treatment, regardless of their economic status, sex, age, race or level of education.


– Integrity: We act with honesty, transparency and responsibility in what we do and say.


– Commitment: We work effectively to serve the community.


– Excellence: We seek the highest levels of learning and performance, to achieve greater impact.


– Recognition of human dignity: The person and his dignity is the center of our attention, because every human being has the right and duty to transcend, seek a better education and personal training, and achieve the goals that have been proposed.


– Promote empowerment: We are in solidarity with people in vulnerable situations, and we support their efforts to improve their quality of life and make their rights, responsibilities and aspirations prevail. We ensure that the beneficiaries are involved in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programs and projects we carry out.


– Ensure and promote responsible freedom: We assume with conviction that responsible freedom is a key factor in sustainable development, and we employ various strategies to foster responsibility at all levels (personal, family and community).


– Work in partnership with others: We work with others to maximize the impact of our programs and projects, and we seek to combine and complement efforts with similar institutions and organizations.


– Oppose discrimination: We oppose all forms of discrimination based on sex, economic status, age, race or level of education.


– Oppose violence: We oppose all forms of violence, and promote the dissemination of peaceful options to prevent and resolve conflicts.


– Seek sustainable results: We promote processes of integral and sustainable development, which ensure the greatest impact of our programs and projects to improve the quality of life of the people and communities with whom we work.