a) Education.

b) Health and Nutrition.

c) Infrastructure and Services.

d) Technology and Production.


a) Promote the professional and technical training and training of young people and adults in the productive and services area (agricultural, agro-export, industrial, etc.).


b) Promote and establish Educational Centers (regular and occupational), Technical Training Centers, as well as Higher Institutes oriented to various specialties.


c) Develop educational and training programs in the areas of Health and Nutrition, Education, Infrastructure and Services, Technology and Production, among others.


d) Carry out, promote and sponsor the realization of events, seminars, courses, congresses and information campaigns, to publicize the problem of the population at risk.


e) Promote the study and investigation of the various problems of Peruvian society, whether national, regional or local.


f) Prepare, edit, reproduce, distribute and sponsor the publication of documents, newsletters, research papers and reference texts, to publicize the problem of the vulnerable population.


g) Develop investment and social development projects at the national, regional or local level, aimed at generating resources for community support.


h) Sign various cooperation agreements with public and private entities, national and foreign; as well as with cultural institutions, educational entities, grassroots social organizations, rural and native communities, community organizations and neighborhood boards.


i) Carry out, promote and sponsor campaigns and public events for fundraising in favor of homeless and abandoned children.


j) Manage the exchange of specialists in the institutional Action Fields, as well as the granting of scholarships and internships for our most talented beneficiaries.


k) Implement programs and projects aimed at raising the socio-economic and cultural level of the population with less resources.